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Just A Broken Card
These things we do day after day seem to collide and coexist simultaneously with the memories from years ago and yesterday meshing and melding to where we don't know what and when it is and how it exists so we search and search and research what we search from the past to the present and future collide but that seems to be normalcy and normal isn't anymore what it seems or even what we seem to see because it seems that strange is normal and normal seems to be strange when the world floods with burning money and fighting children over things such as food and housing which can be fixed with a coexisting and collaborative government but for some reason coexisting with the government is somewhat of a taboo but the taboo can or could be great if the taboo existed among our societies if money wasn't an issue and everything could be fixed instead of broken life like that of the china doll that was dropped on her face broken repeating repeating patterns of spider web cracks and niches in wo
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Miranda Vector - WIP by Zim-eater3000 Miranda Vector - WIP :iconzim-eater3000:Zim-eater3000 0 1 Happiness Pill -in progress- by Zim-eater3000 Happiness Pill -in progress- :iconzim-eater3000:Zim-eater3000 1 2
Run run
Far a way
Far away
And yet you stay
Stay to hurt and
Stay to see
Just what you've done
I want nothing more to exist
Much more than this
But see
And see still
That you've gone and
Made this doll ill
Ceramic cracking still
So ill
So smile hammer
Smile so vile
And rage all the while
The doll may have cracked
But you were broken
All along
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Desktop after destruction by Zim-eater3000 Desktop after destruction :iconzim-eater3000:Zim-eater3000 0 0
Chai Tea
You tell her that her hair is beautiful down
While the coffee shop bustles with footsteps quiet and shuffling
Intimacy that you never thought was possible in this public hoard
Surrounds you and her and the couch you share
Sides touching arms brushing
And all she does is smile
Death behind the eyes that sparkle so bright
She handles that hot chai tea you just paid for
Like you just gave her the world
You talk and laugh but she doesn't know what to think
Happiness comes but not so easily
And she knows it will pass
So she walks like a duckling hobbling on glass
Teetering here but keeping her head above water
Constantly on the edge of tears but never showing fault
She loves the moments she gets to spend with others
So tell her the truth that you love it too
Or let her go as long as she knows the truth
And don't mess up that watery smile boy
Because that will surely kill the girl
:iconzim-eater3000:Zim-eater3000 1 0
Imperfect perfection
Life isn't perfect, but then you get over it
Everything comes to pass
Everything will be fine
This is what she told him
And he said look in a mirror
I know I'm not perfect she said
No my point is that to me you are

What he asks
You'll get over it she says
Get over what he asks
My imperfections
But there are no imperfections
None that you see, but that is because you choose not to see them
I see nothing therefore there is nothing
See, you have gotten over the fact that I am not perfect

And I have gotten over the fact that today will end
What do you mean
I mean I don't want time to go on when it is so imperfectly perfect
So will you be fine
I will never be 'fine' because everything causes chaos; I am okay with mildly disrupted though
He leaves
She stays
Then she cries, knowing he won't come back
:iconzim-eater3000:Zim-eater3000 1 1
Strangely valuable

they look at you
unaware that you understand
the you infer more from their feelings
than what they say
they demand
because you're staring
nothing you say
and then turn away
they don't know you listen
they don't know you try
or care
you can tell more from a person
when they are silent
or thoughtful
look at someone
while they're spaced
notice the tendencies
then say 'nothing'
and turn away
they'll think it's strange
but you've just learned something
:iconzim-eater3000:Zim-eater3000 0 0
Linger Still

the will to move forward
everything comes to pass
and just like that
nothing lasts
and just like that
it all has passed
the will to move forward
and to forget
but lest we find
don't remember
and treasure
but forget the bad
and yet the sad
will linger still
even if you have
the will
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Live it, Love it, Release it - ART
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will you ever hear my voice
will i ever have a choice
you crawl
then you walk
but what if
the legs don't exist
will you ever find me lying here
spouting words that make no sense.
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